Whitemarsh Township Growing Greener Ordinance Update

//Whitemarsh Township Growing Greener Ordinance Update
Whitemarsh Township Growing Greener Ordinance Update2018-01-31T16:01:29-05:00

Project Description

Growing Greener Ordinance Project Overview

Facing increasing development pressure, Whitemarsh Township hired Castle Valley Consultants to provide updates to its Growing Greener Ordinance.  The updates included revisions to the Township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and Zoning Ordinance.

Growing Greener Ordinance Update Details

The project included:

  • Conservation strategies for undeveloped land;
  • Wildlife habitat protection to promote biodiversity;
  • Ordinance revisions contributing to the creation of  a greenway system;
  • Recommendations for improved active and passive recreation land use options;
  • Provisions aimed at protecting water quality;
  • A wider range of feasibility for stormwater and wastewater facilities;
  • Revised development options.


Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County, PA


Project Type

Municipal Planning Ordinance Revisions

Project Dates

January  – March 2008

Project Cost


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