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Autocad Map3D 2009 Service Pack 2 Released

February 23rd, 2009 No comments

Service Pack 2, otherwise known asĀ  Update 2, has been released for AutoCAD Map3D 2009. So what has been fixed or what issues has it resolved? Well there is a long list of them in the readme that address things from query save backs to the display manager issue that some users have been reporting. A quick read also looks like it fixed a lot of the memory leaks that caused a lot of fatal errors. You can download it here. The Readme is also on that page. The only thing I noticed for this update is it is for Map3D 2009 on a 32bit OS, those that are running Map3D on a 64 bit system will have to wait a while for an update or wait for 2010 version to be released.